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Ever thought the default theme for steam is really dull? Many people do and that is why Valve in their infinite wisdom allow you to create your own. It was not long until the great people known as Graphics Designers decided they could make steam look better and made some incredible themes. Anyway I am not a graphics designer, I’m a programmer, so I built an app to easily manage these themes.

The app is ever updating but you will always find the latest version using link on this page. The application has an update checker that will search the server for an updated version and direct you to the download. Please see the download page for the change log and upcoming updates!

If you know of any other themes that are not currently on the list be sure to comment on here or email me and I’ll be sure to add it. Get it by clicking HERE.

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  • Markus

    Duude this was really useful! Thank yoouuu! much love!

  • If you have any feature requests then please let me know and I’ll look into it!

  • ßôùkjïj MÖhâmêd

    Metro Skin for Steam no wonrking…
    how i can working it ?
    sorry for bad english :/

    • Hi, last time I checked it worked just fine. Could you tell me exactly how you are installing it and I can help from there.

    • Just tested it and it works fine! Just open the app and install the metro for steam skin then go on steam and go to settings -> Interface -> Skins: Then select metro for steam! There is a video demonstration on the downloads page! Let me know if you need more help.

  • Sacridfire

    No idea how I haven’t noticed this before, this is great!

    • Thanks! I hope for enjoy continued use. I have also accepted your theme suggestion and it has been added to the application. You name will now appear on the contributors list at the bottom of the download page. Thanks.

      • Sacridfire

        Mind swapping my name with Asp’s? I only do minor updates and bugfixing. Asp is the one who made the skin.

        • Hey, I don’t quite get you in this? I haven’t listed you as the creator of the theme anywhere? I don’t include authors name in the app. You are on the Contributors list because you suggested the theme for the app, not created it. Please correct me if I am mis-understanding.

          • Sacridfire

            On the contributors list on the download page. Just feels weird to me for my name to be there since I merely suggested it.

          • Anyone that brings a theme to my attention will be put on the contributors list. For your peace of mind I have added the creator to the contributors list :). Hope you enjoy using the app still.

  • Joxxxx

    Great app to install easily steam themes !

  • avgjoe

    I wish I had found this before i started googling all the skins I saw on broken url’s from old articles. Thanks for this gem, I’ll definitely pass this project on to my friends who use steam.

    • Cheers Man, I hope you enjoy continued use of the app. I am trying to keep it ever updated with the new skins. But as I have to check each website to see if there has been an update this can take me a little bit. Anyway, appreciated that you are passing this on. It help, if possible instead of sending the file, could you get them to download it here. So I can see how many users download it. Thanks for your kind comments, James.

      • avgjoe

        I don’t make it a habit of downloading things from anywhere other than a developers site, mainly for security reasons. So I’ll definitely send them here. As for knowing how many folks use it, I wouldn’t be opposed to it sending a simple string over the internet when its used for statistical purposes, especially if there was a disclaimer. You might consider that or put some sort of poll on this site to see what everyone else thinks. Good luck, thanks for your work on this.

        • Great feedback, as per your suggestion I have added a feeback form which you will find on the downloads page. Thanks again, James.

  • Gazz Payday II

    dont even know how to open app.. no exe file lol xd

  • Pixelated Kappa

    Great work!

  • Interesting but my buddy brought a good point to the table, we use different drives for our steam but there is no way to set theme folder destination. Maybe in the future?

    • Excellent point, thanks for the suggestion. This feature will be added in the next version which should be released soon.

    • Hi Vaughn! I know it’s been a while and for that I do apologise, however the feature you suggested has now been implemented! Hope you enjoy using the steam theme manager 🙂