James McNee

Here you will find a list of all the tools I use day to day

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Here is a list of the software that I use

The Jetbrains Suite

Other GUI utilities

  • MongoDB Compass for interacting with Mongo databases.
  • VS Code for text editing and on rare occasions programming (I very much prefer Jetbrains tools)

Shell and Utilities

  • iTerm as my primary terminal (my IDE's also have built ins)
  • ZSH because why not.
  • Oh My ZSH with Powerlevel10k to make my shell look snazzy. 🥳
  • Kubectl for kube-ing...
  • Git for source control.

Social and Entertainment

  • Youtube Music for my musical needs. 🎵
  • Slack for communicating with colleagues.
  • Sonos for great sounding audio around my home. 🔈

Other bits and bobs

  • Google Chrome for web browsing.
  • Cleanshot X for all things screen capturing. 📸
  • Paste to keep track of my clipboard. 📋
  • Bartender to keep my menu bar sane.
  • Setapp for licencing some of the above software.
  • Magnet to make up for Apples lack of window management. 🧲
  • Raycast as a spotlight alternative and replacement.
  • Bitwarden for keeping my passwords secret 🤫


Here is a list of the hardware that I use

Libraries and Frameworks

Here is a list of the libraries and Frameworks that I often use


If you have any comments or questions on any of the tech I use, then please do share them!

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