The Number Game

The Number Game Android ScreenshotTry out my first app for android, this avaliable now on the Amazon App Store, you can get it by clicking HERE. The game is fun, addictive and best of all its FREE! Please download my app to your android devices and leave me feedback on how you liked the app, good or bad, but remember this is my first android app. If you have any suggestions on how you would like to see the app improved then please feel free to let me know and i’ll take them into consideration. Anyway, please enjoy playing!

Description from appstore: Do you enjoy guessing games? If the answer is no, then this game is not for you, sorry. On the other hand if you do enjoy guessing games then this is a game for you. Try to beat your phone as you attempt to guess the random number that it has generated. You will be given only the hint Higher or Lower. The range is 1 – Level*100. So if you are on level 1 the range is 1 – 100. Using the shop you can spend the coins you earn in game on useful perks like extra lives and level skips. This game has been released freely on the Amazon App Store for all to enjoy. There is no add in this game. As a student developer I appreciate your feedback. Enjoy the game.

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