Quest Detective App

featureYou may have used my online WoW Quest checker named QuestDetective. I have now created an application for Android phones that provides the functionality of the website in an easy to use application.

You can use the app to view all the quests in each area, and also search for quests by keyword.

Thanks main function of the application is to show you which quests you have and have yet to complete, clicking a quest will take you to the WOWhead page where you can get information and guides for the quest.

I have built the app using a modern theme, that is visually similar to that of apps such as GMail, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Please try the app, and then leave a rating and/or a comment on the Play Store. Your feedback is important to me.

Get the app:

screenshot_20160912-194524screenshot_20160912-195516 screenshot_20160912-194614

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