WoW Auction Detective App

featureHello again everyone, recently I published my Android application that allows users to check which quests that they have and have not done in popular MMO World of Warcraft. If you want to check that out, then go right ahead and click here! (MAKE SURE YOU COME BACK TO READ THIS TOO :)) So when I was checking the Play Store for other WoW utilities I found that there was only really one app that allowed users to check the status of auctions on WoW. The app didn’t give me the kinds of information I wanted, and I thought that I could do better. So I have been working on my attempt at a better application, and I am here to say that I have created one!

The app uses data that is retrieved from the Blizzard API to display information in a searchable and efficient way.

You can find my app on the Play Store, just use the “Get it on Google Play” icon at the bottom of this post to find it, or search the play store for Auction Detective!

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