Open VPN AutoLogin Tool

OpenVPNTool LogoHey everyone, just whipped up a quick new application to solve an issue that has been bugging me for a while. If you use a VPN, you may use the OpenVPN application to establish a connection with it. Unfortunatly the OpenVPN GUI application is not very intuitive and you are required to input your username and password every time you connect (annoying!). A quick Google search will reveal a method for creating a text file which stores the username and password and then linking it to the .ovpn file. I have simply automated that method. Simply drag an OVPN file into the app, enter your username and password, then hit generate. This will leave you with your edited OVPN file and a text file with the username and password, copy these to the OVPN config file and all done!

For the EXE (Windows) version: Click here.

For the JAR (Multi-Platform) version: Click here.

Java is required to use either version.

Open VPN Login Tool Screenshot

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