Java Client Server Chat!

Screenshot of the Client Server ApplicationI wanted to learn about networking in Java, I already knew a little about sockets but I was in no position to impliment anything. I went online and found a great video tutorial series by thenewboston, you can find the tutorials by going to his website. Now these tutorials were really basic, which is really good for getting to grips with the code and really grasping a firm idea on what is happening. After completing these tutorials sure enough I had a working client-server chat system running on my local machine! I liked the concept of the application but it was lacking in some basic functionality that I think a client server chat should have (coloured chat for each user) and the ability to specify the host. Anyway, I am uploading it here for you all to download and try out, you can use it to talk to your friends and whatnot. *Important Note: Due to network security you will need to forward port 6789 on your router in order to talk to someone over the internet. You do not need to do this on LAN! 

As the code is written in Java, you will need the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed, if you dont have it, get it HERE. I am also giving you the source code for my version of the app, if you want the original its uploaded to thenewboston’s GitHub, which you can access from his website which I linked to above. Please feel free to make any changes and use the code in whatever way you wish to. Dont forget to check thenewboston out for some good tutorials in all different kinds of languages and have fun chatting! There are 3 files, one is the SERVER (13kb), the CLIENT (14kb) and finally the SOURCE (5kb).

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