Random Password Generator – Web

Hey folks, I thought it would be nice to develop a web version of my random password generator. You can still download the Java version ofcourse, however this new site allows for anywhere access. You can get to it by going to random.jamesmcnee.co.uk. If you dont like the initial password then you can click the little refresh icon to get another one. There is a mobile version of the website that will automatically load if you visit the website on a mobile device! As I said in my Java version this generator is not meant to be 10 random characters thrown together to create a completely unreadable password such as #12JUIds9A it is a way to get a random password that has n o connection to you what so ever. I am going to be working on a simple API, so stay tuned for that.

Random Password Generator

Click the image to take you to the site!, or navigate to http://random.jamesmcnee.co.uk


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