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Ever thought the default theme for steam is really dull? Many people do and that is why Valve in their infinite wisdom allow you to create your own. It was not long until the great people known as Graphics Designers made some incredible themes. Anyway I am not a graphics designer, I’m a programmer, so I built an app to easily manage these themes. If you know of any other themes that are not currently on the list be sure to comment on here or email me and I’ll be sure to add it.

Steam Theme Manager v2.6


I also provide this application in a .exe binary which you can find here.

This is just the java file in a Windows Wrapper that adds an icon to the actual file and also allows it to be pinned to the start menu. The reason I don't only provide this build is that some anti-virus applications such as Avast have a tendency to block the download completely as it is marked "untrusted" because of lack of users. Avast are very good with customer service and will white list my applications if I ask them, however this will be annoying to do for every update!


To run this, like any other Java based application you must have Java installed, it is simple to install java and you can do so by going to here! Please note that it is likely you have already installed Java at some point so try to run the app first and if nothing happens then you may need to install Java!


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Theme Activation Tutorial

If you don't already know how to activate a theme on steam then read on:

  1. Open the Steam Client!
  2. Click on "Steam" in the upper left corner.
  3. Head down to "Settings"!
  4. Now click on "Interface".
  5. Use the drop-down menu to select the theme you wish to use.
  6. Finally restart steam.

Activation Demonstration


Update 2.7:
Nothing here yet! If you have any suggestions, be sure to use the in-app request feature, or post a comment!


Update 2.6:

#Implemented ability to set steam home folder.

Update 2.5:

#Added system to allow app to download an updated version of itself when an update is required!
#Fixed a small bug where the "Update Available" window is too small so not all the content is shown!

Update 2.4:

#Feature to request a theme added, access from the file menu!

Update 2.3:
#If a theme has fonts with it the app will download them and let the user install them

Update 2.2:
#Fixed bug where settings file was not generated properly causing app not to start
#Added connection icon in top right corner!

Update 2.1:
#Added beta themes feature
#Added About menu item in info menu
#Added Open themes folder
#Added Launch Steam Client Button
#Added updating system (Check for Updates)


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These guys are helping keep the app ad free and available to everyone at no cost.

Extremely Generous ($1.50 per month)
Everyone here is not only generous like the last group, but they are extremely generous! They are keeping the website up and helping develop the application more.

Super Heroes ($2.00 per month)
All these people have decided to contribute some hard earned cash and keep the application updated and maintained, they also want to keep me interested in the application for years to come.

  • Ben Pappas - Thanks for your kind contribution and being #1 Patreon, I hope you enjoy continued use of the application.


Contributor Name: Sacridfire - Contributed the "Digital Unmastered" theme. Created by Asp.
Contributor Name: Vaughn Whiskey - Contributed the idea about adding the ability to change steam home location.

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